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Goofy Stuff Christians Say: Vol 1: “Deeds not Creeds!”

This week I’m starting the “Goofy Stuff Christians Say” series.  These are goofy sayings that have snuck into the church while our minds were occupied by the fireworks show/pizza party/relevant sermon series based on The Jersey Shore.  While most of

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Coming Soon……

OK, the last few posts have been pretty heavy. Next up, a series on “Goofy Stuff Christians Say”. Should be entertaining! 😉 

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“Why do bad things happen to good people?”

If you haven’t ever asked yourself this question, or had someone ask you this question, it’s coming.  Trust me on that. To  do what the Lord commanded in 1 Peter 3 (” Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone

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“Stuff Christians Should Know” Part 2

This week, we’ll continue with the series I’m calling “Stuff Christians Should Know”.  These are categories that were preached from the pulpit and taught via catechism for much of church history.  What used to be “common knowledge” isn’t very common

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