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On Your First Job, From Dad

It’s rare that I post something of a non-theological nature, but I thought I would share a bit of my personal life this week.  My oldest daughter is taking her first job (a retail job at the mall).  Here are some

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A Conversation: Experiencing Life-Change in Authentic Community

I’ve been so moved by personal testimonies of life-change recently that I’ve decided to “join the conversation” regarding “life change” in “authentic community”.  I think I’ve found a community truly “living out” this “message of hope” in a “radical” way… Young people sharing

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“One Way Love” by Tullian Tchividjian: A review

  It’s not every day that you get an e-mail from a well known Christian author and speaker. (OK, maybe that does happen to you everyday, but it certainly doesn’t for me). So, when I got an e-mail from Tullian

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