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Intro To Biblical Greek: Lesson3 – Dipthongs

This week we will be learning dipthongs. No, not THOSE thongs.. DIPthongs! This week we will cover vowel blends, or “dipthongs”.  At the end of this lesson we will spell some common english words using greek letters and dipthongs. You

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Intro To Biblical Greek: Lesson 2 – Alphabet (Xi – Omega)

This week we’ll finish off the Greek Alphabet and be ready to tackle some real greek vocabulary next week!  I just want to encourage each of you; You can do this!  Go at your own pace. I’m always available to

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How to be Holier than Jesus

This next group of blog articles are likely to generate some heat. My prayer is that they generate much more light than heat. I’ll be working through some “sacred cows” of the faith that are more cultural and traditional than

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Intro to Biblical Greek: Lesson 1 – Alphabet (Alpha – Nu)

Here it is! Are you ready to rumble? We’ll start of today with the first half of the greek alphabet, Alpha – Nu.  I’m breaking this down to give you time each week to practice your letters.  I’ll intentionally teach

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The Worst (and most popular) Basketball Player in the World

Here’s an illustration I’d like to spin today.. it’s a bit unusual, but stay with me.  There once was a basketball player (Who we’ll call Kenny).  Kenny had every trait you would want in an elite-level basketball player; He was

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