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Joy in the midst of Darkness

There is a story of a family separated by the Holocaust; As they were being torn apart, the mother took each child’s face in her tender hands and as tears streamed down their cheeks she told them; “Don’t lose hope!

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“End This Unjust War!”

“End This Unjust War!” This has been the call from those in opposition to every war in our nations history. War is ugly, and any sane person would prefer peace. Yet, war continues throughout history;  Just wars. Unjust wars. Wars

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God isn’t Siri-ous

On a long road trip recently, I had a chance to put my new phone through it’s paces. One of the cooler features on the new iPhone is my new friend “Siri”. I push a button, tell Siri what I

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‘Tis The Season to… Despair?

Gloomy clouds of night. Misery. Death’s dark shadow. Loneliness. Mourning. Captvity. Tyranny..  even to the depths of hell. The world is bad. Really bad. If you are facing any of the trials above, you know that.  No amount of holiday

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God’s Plan for Your Life: The Second Apple

As we recuperate from a week of Turkey and Stuffing (or was it being stuffed like a turkey?) I spent some time on our long, multi-state drive home thinking about being thankful. I came across this video that really hit

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Eating at the Kids’ Table: A Thanksgiving Post

I remember growing up that sitting at the “Kids’ Table” was both blessing and curse. When you were young, it was an oasis of laughter and childish chaos away from the more formal “grown up” table.  Things were spilled, crazy

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Enter Sandeman: A Thanksgiving Post

As you gather together today with friends and family and feast on delicious plates (yes, plural.. go for it, it’s Thanksgiving!) of food and dessert, I’m sure you’re mind isn’t wandering on obscure 18th century Scottish theologians. However, Robert Sandeman

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