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The Worst Birthday Party Ever

After looking forward all week to the festivities, I walked into Chuck E. Cheese’s and looked for the guest of honor.  He sat, tucked away in a corner, nearly hidden from view by the beautiful decorations, signs, and balloons which

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Just in Time for Halloween: Children of the Corn at Your Church!

Something horrifying is happening in local churches.  Pastors are taking the pulpit and doing their best “Isaac” impressions from the movie “Children of the Corn”. Am I exaggerating?  Let’s take a look. What made Isaac so creepy? (Apart from the

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The Five Solas: Sola Scriptura

What are the Five Solas, and why would I spend time reading about them on your blog instead of playing Doodle Jump? Or Words with Friends? Or watching sneezing Pandas on YouTube? The Five Solas (sola from the latin “alone”)

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